The W+ Standard is a unique certification label developed by WOCAN that endorses projects that create increased social and economic benefits for women participating in economic development or environment projects, including those that provide renewable energy technologies, time and labor saving devices, forest and agriculture activities, and employment opportunities.

  • Provides a framework to measure results of women’s empowerment activities and report on UN SDG 5
  • Translates independently verified results into W+ certification, generating W+ units or a label.
  • A share of the value of W+ units or label goes to women engaged in the projects.

The W+ is thus an innovative framework to quantify and monetize the social capital created by women, to recognize and reward their contributions to sustainable environments and communities.

The W+ Standard quantifies women’s empowerment and channels funds directly to women

The W+ measures women’s empowerment in six domains: Time, Income & Assets, Health, Leadership, Education & Knowledge and Food Security. It produces quantified women-benefit units that contribute towards post 2015 Sustainability Goals (SDGs), Climate Financing or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.

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