BlueMX focuses on Blue Carbon Projects within Mexico.

Covering almost 2,000,000 square kilometers (770,000 sq mi), Mexico is the fifth largest country in the Americas (by total area), the 13th largest independent state in the world and with an estimated population of over 129 million people, Mexico is the tenth most populous country in the world. [Wikipedia]

The coast of Mexico has more than 700,000 hectares of mangroves, 5% of the world total, making it the fourth country in the world in area of this kind of ecosystem. Mexico is also unique for its land tenure system, with approximately 70% of the country’s forests being under social ownership by local communities, many of which are indigenous.

Our project areas are validated and verified by a variety of Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards.  Check out our Knowledge Corner to learn more about these standards, certifications and frameworks.

World’s total biodiversity, located within Mexico
Different flora species, ranking 4th in the world
Total ‘Protect Natural Areas’, in square kilometres
World ranking, in diverse and important ecosystems

BlueMX Project Areas


Quick Overview

Project ID: B2016

3,596 Ha Mangrove

  • 1,552 Ha Mangrove Conservation
  • 2,044 Ha Mangrove Restoration

2,844,736 Avoided tCO2 Emissions (Total, 30 years)
2,248,759 Sequestered tCO2 Emissions (Total 30 years)


Quick Overview

Project ID: PPSP

15,040 Ha Mangrove

  • 12,840 Ha Mangrove Conservation
  • 2,200 Ha Mangrove Restoration

3,850,000 tCO2 Avoided (Total 30 Years)
5,790,000 tCO2 Sequestered (Total 30 Years)


Quick Overview

Project ID: LPAN

14,883 Ha Mangrove

  • 11,883 Ha Conservation
  • 3,000 Ha Restoration

2,150,000 tCO2 Avoided (Total 30 Years)
6,035,000 tCO2 Sequestered (Total 30 Years)


Quick Overview

Project ID: LPT

10,000 Ha Mangrove

  • 6,500 Ha Mangrove Conservation
  • 3,500 Ha Mangrove Restoration

11,916,667 Avoided tCO2 Emissions (Total, 30 years)
3,080,000 Sequestered tCO2 Emissions (Total 30 years)


Quick Overview

Project ID: DB26000

26,000 Ha Mangrove

  • 23,400 Mangrove Conservation
  • 2,600 Ha Mangrove Restoration

55,770,000 Avoided tCO2 Emissions (Total, 30 years)
2,288,000 Sequestered tCO2 Emissions (Total 30 years)


Quick Overview

Project ID LCY15000

15,000 Ha Mangrove

  • 13,500 Mangrove Conservation
  • 1,500 Ha Mangrove Restoration

32,175,000 Avoided tCO2 Emissions (Total, 30 years)
1,320,000 Sequestered tCO2 Emissions (Total 30 years)


Quick Overview

Project ID: IA18500

19,330 Ha Mangrove

  • 12,500 Mangrove Conservation
  • 5,000 Ha Mangrove Restoration

29,779,750 Avoided tCO2 Emissions (Total, 30 years)
4,404,400 Sequestered tCO2 Emissions (Total 30 years)

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Despite the widely recognized value of it’s Blue Carbon natural capital, Mexico has one of the highest mangrove deforestation rates in the world. Without concerted action, close to 50% of Mexico’s mangroves will have been lost within the next 25 years.

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